Join in policy

Free high fashion store design support

Door head and store decoration subsidy

Cancellation of advertising of marketing activities

High year-end bonus

Comprehensive after-sales service

Our advantages

Scale advantage

It covers an area of 125 mu, with an annual output value of 500 million yuan. It has 500 front-line employees and more than 200 sets of advanced German production equipment

Quality advantage

20 years of focus on furniture plate manufacturing, using aloe hunting aldehyde, anion hunting aldehyde patent technology, board core, board, good really wood, look like

Product advantage

Products are divided into ecological board, OSB board, custom wardrobe, cabinets, wooden doors and other furniture products; Our products use solid wood core structure, so that the product value; Add a flat layer of science and technology wood to keep the board smooth and smooth; Choose the environmental protection adhesive to realize the real environmental protection zero-formaldehyde products; Adopt double medium plate technology, let the plate have super stability and flatness; Use high - strength wear-resistant impregnated paper with characteristics of moisture resistance, wear-resistance, acid and alkali

Establish brand image & expand sales layout


Joining process


Refer to the inspection

Specific understanding of products and related policies, mutual evaluation


Sign dealer agreement

Determine the intention to join, and reach an agreement on the details


Store design and decoration

Communicate store layout plan with regional sales manager, measure size and provide design plan to the company


The opening

Sample display


Follow-up store development and assistance

Regional sales to help standardize business services, continue to improve marketing, professional service capacity